Return of the Best Porsche You’ve Probably Never Heard Of (w/Gallery)

In a press release that was released a couple weeks ago:

Volkswagen Auto Group announced that is planning to launch a fantastic “50 new models, upgrades and successors” across its 12-brand lineup in 2015.

Although the press release said several cars by name, one was especially notable:

the Porsche Boxster Spyder.

The former generation of Spyder was only produced for the 2011-2012 model years, but regardless of its relative rarity and obscurity, the car in no time earned a reputation as one of the best Porsches of the modern era.

In 2010, Car and Driver called the Spyder “the best stock handling Porsche, period.”…

…and the new car expectations are there to be a lighter, leaner, and more powerful version of the already powerful Boxster.

If this next generation car can offer an identical level of performance like its predecessor did, it could rapidly end up being the best Porsche on the road without a “911″ badge on the back.

The Boxster name was revived in 2007 when the Porsche Boxster RS60 Spyder was built, commemorating its historical triumph at the 1960’s 12 Hours of Sebring race.

Although that car was limited and manufactured in just 1,960 units, it proved to be such a success that Porsche began work on a production version.

Introduced during the Los Angeles Motor Show in 2009, the Porsche Boxster Spyder was positioned by Porsche as a return to its lightweight, performance-focused and relatively affordable past.

The car dispensed with comforts like an air conditioning, radio and convertible top, and replaced the steel hood, engine cover and doors with lightweight aluminum to keep the weight down.

Overall, the modifications helped Porsche to reduce almost 200 pounds off the Boxster’s already feathery 3,220-pound curb weight.

The engine was tuned for a little more power, and the aerodynamic and suspension upgrades transformed the fun-to-drive Boxster into one of the purest driver’s cars in the world.

With the 2015’s base model Porsche Boxster Spyder (with a manual transmission) having a weight of only 2,888 pounds, a strict diet and a healthy dose of aluminum might help the fly-weight Spyder more than live up to the high standards established by its predecessor.

Launched in 2012, the current Porsche Boxster Spyder is an even more focused car than the model on which the original Spyder was based on, and what a difference five years can make …

…the current Porsche Boxster S has performance numbers that nearly match the original Spyder’s.

The performance potential for the new car should be more than enough to make Porsche fans drool.

The new Spyder will take a position between the S and speed-focused GTS models. While the S is capable of a 173mph top speed from its mid-engined 320 horspower 3.4 liter flat-six, it is rumored that the Porsche Boxster Spyder could as an alternative get the larger 3.8 liter engine from the 911 Carrera S, like its mid-engined cousin the Cayman GT4 coupe.

Fitting comfortably between the S and GTS, the price has to reflect its status as the upper-midrange Boxster, and the prices should start around $70,000.

When it comes to the Spyder model, getting less paradoxically costs more, so if buyers wish comforts that come standard on lesser Boxsters like cup holders, air conditioning, a stereo or a host of other electronic gadgets, keep in mind that you’ll need to pay a premium.

For some period, it was rumored that Porsche is working on an entry level roadster to attract the people. That is not going to happen (a more expensive car probably is), but the Spyder can pretty much be seen as a compromise.

At $70,000, the Spyder will be a lightweight, powerful, mid-engined sports car with a powerful engine and incredible performance numbers, for far less than a base-model 911.

It could not be an easily available car for the people, however, its a real-world supercar that can punch well above its weight.

The brief life of the original Boxster Spyder marked a memorable moment when Porsche stepped back from its over-engineered present, simplified, and returned to basics.

If this new Spyder is anything close to its namesake, it will prove that nobody does the basics better than Porsche.


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