Toyota Sienna Limited 3.5L AWD 2014 Review

One thing everybody unanimously agreed is that the Toyota’s Sienna Limited is a performance  minivan that has everything one family might need and even more. Fact is that minivans in the US and the rest of the world is way The Toyota Sienna is made in America and designed for families that need to carry lots of kids and loads of cargo. And that’s what this minivan does extremely well.

Toyota with the 2014 model decided not to change the overall look of the Sienna except for minor upgrades like the tow prep package becoming standard across the lineup and the SE trim that now offers a blind spot monitoring system as an individual option.

There is a Limited Premium Package for the Sienna which cost extra $4,105. It a very interesting bundle that might just spice your minivan action a bit. It features navigation, backup camera, a Dual View Entertainment Center, an impressive voice activated DVD, a fine JBL ten-speaker audio, and a number of other high-tech goodies. There is also a small Limited Convenience Package ($890) that includes HID headlamps, with auto-off and auto dimming and rain-sensing wipers.

Toyota Sienna Limited 3.5L AWD

The 3.5-liter V6 engine with it’s 266 horsepower and 6-speed automatic transmission has enough power for easy maneuvering through slower traffic. On the open road the Sienna Limited has steering tuned for ease of operation, with very high levels of power assist that make the driving very easy. Fuel economy is a respectable 18/25 city/highway mpg.

The Sienna is a big vehicle and with that comes an interior that is very spacious and quite comfortable. Keeping mom happy and the kids entertained Its way too easy with this big entertainment center on wheels.

Surely the kids will love the cool DVD system comes with two wireless headphones.

This Sienna is also equipped with comfortable two-tone heated leather Captains seats. The two back seats are also captains seats and besides them there is a lot of room for passengers to feel very comfortable on long trips. It also comes with temperature controls for the back of the car. The Sienna design hit the bulls eye when it comes to families and their comfort zone making the life of parents of three or more kids a joy to ride all of them to a soccer game or to the amusement park.

Toyota Sienna Limited 3.5L AWD

One thing is certain, the Toyota Sienna even without significant design or technology upgrades still sets the standard in the category. Sienna Limited steps it up a notch and provides more luxury and comfort for the entire family. The Sienna is not like an SUV and feels more like driving a big family sedan and has car-like handling. Versatility and function may be the Sienna’s greatest virtue. Whether you’re hauling the kids to the soccer game, materials from the home-improvement store or driving cross-country for a family vacation, the 2014 Toyota Sienna Limited 3.5L AWD 7-Passenger minivan will get the family there comfortably and safely every time. And if you ever are late for the game, it can be driven like a BMW.

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