Watch Sebastian Vettel Hustle a Ferrari FXX K Around Fiorano

laferarri fxx k, ferarri fxx k

We talked about the grande Ferrari FXX K a while back, and we’re also really impressed by the high tech electronics the Italian automaker had to offer. And while many say that the the Ferrari FXX K is not meant for normal humans, and this is true how many of you have €2.5 million you don’t need lying around.

laferarri fxx k, ferarri fxx k

The monstrous 1036-hp car can only be driven on racing tracks. The two-million-dollar price tag ensures that the track toy. Let’s get one thing straight, this monster can’t be driven by anyone, the price tag says it all but also you need to be a very skillful driver to tackle the performance and muscle that this car has to offer, and who better to test drive this beauty than Ferrari Formula 1 own driver, the talented Sebastian Vettel.

Obviously constructing a supercar hybrid isn’t enough for Ferrari, they needed something more powerful than the 950-horsepower car with the name “LaFerrari”. This version is the company’s answer to a constant need for speed and that is an even more stronger and faster version of this monster.

laferarri fxx k, ferarri fxx k

Vettel is one lucky guy and you can see he ain’t hiding his joy while driving the Ferrari FXX K at the Fiorano circuit. And we know why, this is not a regular Ferrari if there is such a thing that is. This supercar FXX K full suite is loaded with other high tech Ferrari electronics that will pump up the speed. Including a programmable E-Diff electronic differential, F1 Track traction control, and Racing SSC (Sideslip Angle Control).


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