The Powersliding Talents of a 707hp Monster

2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Supercharged

Even though this isn’t the most extreme powersliding you will ever see, it really does take the skill to manage such a powerful car when it starts to struggle for grip.

Actually no, let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves.

Since you probably know:

When you buy a SRT Hellcat you receive two sets of keys.

A red key and a black key.

The red key has the power to unlock all of the 707 HP and start drag racing your friends…

…while the black key will settle the car down at around 500 HP.

There’s no reason to think that these guys are using the red key while goofing around for the camera, but at this point it’s just speculation.

That we can say for certain is that a couple of months ago, Top Gear went and recorded this footage, which is pretty fun to watch … especially towards the end of the video.

The car performs the long-ish powerslide around the 28 second and we really wish they have filmed more of it.

And of course, dropping the music soundtrack in favor of a more…

…mechanical one.

Which, I guess, is something we can probably all agree with.


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