Volkswagen Beetle Special Edition Concepts (w/poll)

Volkswagen Beetle, Beetle R-line, Pink VW Beetle

If you are buying a retro hatchback or convertible like a Volkswagen Beetle…

…you are doing nothing if not a fashion statement, and Volkswagen knows that better than anybody else.

Which is probably the reason why the German car maker brought 4 concept variations of the Bug to the New York Auto Show this year.

Most interesting of this quartet – at least to our eyes  – is the Beetle R-Line concept, which takes a more performance-oriented approach.

It has 20-inch alloys riding on a wider track, an aero pack along with a rear diffuser and spoiler, and black trim that looks great in contrast to the white pearl finish.

The interior of the Beetle R-Line concept is upgraded, with sport buckets, yellow details and carbon trim, and the concept is motorized by the 2.0-liter TSI engine with 217 horsepower.

The Volkswagen Beetle R-Line concept is not going to take the stage alone, however, joined as it will be by the magenta-sprayed Pink VW Beetle Color Edition hatch, jeans-wearing Denim edition convertible and the beach-themed Wave.

However, all are billed strictly as showcars for the time being, and VW admits that it will evaluate the public reaction to all four to determine potentially putting them into manufacturing for public consumption.

So, having that in mind, take a look at all the concepts in the gallery below, and tell us which one you like the most:

Which of these Beetle special concepts should VW offer?

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