Here is How Volkswagen’s Connected Cars Park Themselves

volkswagen golf

Volkswagen‘s venturing into the Internet of things with a connected car in mind and few different ways of embracing future technology like more autonomous driving. They begin their high-tech upgrade of their garage with th Volkswagen Golf R Touch hatchback. And as the name of the series implies it has multiple screens on the inside. To be exact there are three displays on the dashboard, with two being touchscreens.

Drivers will be positively surprised by the massive 12.8-inch main console that rests above an 8-inch control center on the dashboard. There is also a 12.3-inch instrument cluster that’s seated behind the steering wheel. Of course, all of the screens are high-res (SlashGear reports the main screen is running at 2,560 x 1,700 resolution). The screens were designed to eliminate distractions and maximize customization.


The neat part of the whole distraction free console in the Volkswagen Golf is that it comes with included with a camera-based gesture control and drag-and-drop movement of key functions that are pretty simple to tackle. There’s a touch-strip below the main screen that tracks tactile input (and offers haptic feedback) for things like adjusting the radio volume as well.

Here’s to hoping the advancements help improve muscle memory and look-free adjustment seeing as all mechanical knobs have been killed. Furthering that is the 8-inch control screen’s system for touch feedback for media and climate control systems. Of course, the Volkswagen R Golf Touch is somewhat a concept at this point so it isn’t clear if or when we’ll see these systems make it into production.

The guys from Volkswagen are also planning to equip their cars with a brand new assisted parking system. Trained Parking works using cameras to, well, train itself to how you park and your common maneuvers, and the company claims that eventually the car could put itself on an inductive charging plate. The more immediate plan though, is to allow the driver to control parking maneuvers via smartphone, sort of like Tesla’s solution.

Speaking of interconnectivity, Volkswagen with its new platform dubbed the App Connect brings in both Android Auto and Apple’s CarPlay systems for in-car control. The automaker has announced that a number of its 2015 models including the Volkswagen Golf series will feature dashboards compatible with both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. The mobile tech is going to be integrated into VW’s second generation infotainment system, MIB II.

The MIB II will also feature MirrorLink, the open connection standard supported also by Sony, LG, HTC and Samsung. It is still uknown which cars exactly will feature the MIB II. The press release actually mention the VW Golf series, and says the tech is going to roll out to US and European markets this year.

The MIB II system stands for “modular infotainment platform”, but in German. This new tech as the officials of the company say is a “significant step forward” for Volkswagen. VW also took the opportunity of CES to show their successful development of autonomous driving technology and hybrid electric cars. Despite that Volkswagen last year’s snugged CarPlay and was one of the largest automakers to not appear the accept a partnership with Apple, but a new year brings new collaborations. We also think that this is a smart move for the car company that’s as big as Volkswagen to support both platforms, particularly since they’re completely incompatible with one another by this we mean that there’s no Android Auto app for iOS, nor the other way around.

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