See How Worn-Out Old Tires Are Sold As New

Buying Old Tires

If this video scares the crap out of you,  then you are just another passionate driver, tending to be careful while buying old tires.

In the video, you can see how professional scammers take the worn-out old tires and recondition them to look a lot safer and newer than before, ready to be sold on some secondhand market.

How do they do this? By cutting in new grooves in and pulling the old rubber out. Then, the shoulders get a once-over as well.

Presto: to the uninformed observer, the tires look like they have plenty of life left when, in fact, they’re essentially blowout time bombs:

Unfortunately, those “scam artist” don’t give a f*ck if the driver lives or dies. BUT WE DO. So please, share this video with whomever you know.

Who knows, maybe will save someone.


Source: Road&Track

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